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SAC Challenge Week 3

This week’s challenge was centered on collaboration. Collaboration is a strange thing – it could go great or could go really badly. I haven’t collaborated much over the years, partly because the few collaborations I have done haven’t been…how should I put it…fulfilling? What I mean by that is that even if a song would come out of the collaborative session, I was often left feeling like I hadn’t contributed much or at all and like the song wasn’t really ‘mine’ or ‘ours’. 
But, strangely enough, this…

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Make dreams come true

SAC Challenge Week 2

Well, this week was such an interesting week, mostly because of the process I followed for writing the song. I'm truly amazed at how every idea morphed into something else, which led to the final song. 

The process:

The challenge this week was to write a song with a story. I immediately thought about a song I've been wanting to write, but hadn't been able to. It's about my dad, who has a hobby farm and had two horses that he loved, but on night they left their enclosure and one was hit by a car. Sad…Read more

SAC Challenge Week 1

I'm trying to find a picture that will capture what I want to say, but nothing seems to capture the hurt, sadness and anger that I feel from reading the news lately. I remember when Malaysian Airline Flight 17 was shot down over Ukraine, I read about every single passenger on that flight. When 3 year old Alan Kurdi washed up on shore after a perilous voyage, I read about him and cried for his family. When 49 people were murdered in an Orlando nightclub or more than 200 lost their lives at a market in…Read more
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2016 Here I Come!

After reflecting on what was a pretty amazing year, I'm ready to focus on what's to come! I noticed that I didn't make a list of goals for 2015, so I thought I'd first revisit my 2014 list and then see where I'm at in 2016.

Here's the list of things I wanted to achieve in 2014. I'd say I'm pretty much on track!

  • Go on a cross-Canada tour! - I did in May 2014 and it was amazing! ✔
  • Play at least one big (or small!!!) festival - Two years later, I've played at the Ottawa Bluesfest twice and CityFolk…
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2015 Reflections - Part 2: Music with a baby in tow

I won’t hide the fact that before having Ava, I was scared. There was a ‘good’ scared - and adrenaline-like feeling for what was to come. I was nervous, happy, excited. At the same time, I also felt scared that my life would stop and that everything I had worked for until now would have to be put on hold. Were those thoughts selfish? Maybe… But what I realized is that these feelings were mostly brought on by others. People telling me that I’d have to ‘slow down,’ that I wouldn’t be able to do as much with a…Read more
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Eight videos to highlight 2015! | Huit vidéos qui ont marquées 2015!

2015 was truly a great year musically. While I was extremely scared to give birth - and wondering how a baby would 'change everything' - I can honestly say that it's been one of the most fulfilling years! Here's a little overview of my year in videos!

L'année 2015 fut une très belle année de musique. J'avoue que j'avais pas mal peur d'accoucher - et surtout je me demandais comment un enfant allait 'tout changer' - mais je peux vous dire en tout honnêteté que 2015 fut une année très riche sur le plan musical…Read more
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Inspiring in teal - One woman’s commitment to raising awareness about ovarian cancer

Lyne wearing teal for ovarian cancer.

The wind pushes hard against her face making every step that much harder. She’s been walking for a few hours, but by the time the sun reaches it’s highest point, the wind dies down and a gentle breeze takes its place. The warmth of the air caresses her cheeks. She smiles, takes a deep breath and keeps on walking. 

Not everyone can undertake such a journey on their own. But for Lyne Shackleton, it’s what’s important. 
Lyne lost her mother to ovarian cancer three years…